Earth bending: how about if you’re on a plane or a boat? Or is that covered by the possibility of metal bending?

Well if we’re flying, I really don’t want to do anything that would cause the plane to lose its structural integrity lol. That would be a fantastic way to die. XD

And yeah, I would metal mending on ships. :D



But it probably doesn’t matter.  
Like her or not, she will be the one who will remain in cultural memory with your Cheng Feis, your Svetlana Khorkinas, your Bogis and your Korbuts.
It’s inevitable.
They may not have always won, but they did defy expectations, they rose from the ashes, and they made people want to watch gymnastics.


i freaking love this

This is perf!

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rundanrun asked: What do you dislike the most about the American government? Favorite bars routine? If you had to choose one element, what would you bend? Favorite character in Percy Jackson series?

I dislike the government’s hypocrisy across the board.

My favorite bars routine would have to be Aliya Mustafina’s Olympic gold medal winning routine. It’s literally just out of this world.

I would want to bend Earth because I would always have it around me.

My favorite character in the PJO series is easy to tell: Annabeth. However, if we include the following HoO series and talk about the whole Camp Half-Blood Chronicles, I would have to say that I have three equal favorites: Nico, Percy, and Annabeth. I love all these three so much.

Phillipp Boy is just too fucking good looking to be human. >_>

I had fun thinking of all those favorites! :D

I don’t know yours, so I asked. :P And yes, it was extremely obvious LOL

Hahaha love hate relationshpi indeed :P


P.K’s first look

I saw this on TOI earlier today, so I’m going to copy what I said from there over here:

I’m not in the least bit surprised that Aamir’s the first Indian actor to strip for a movie. He’s always been pushing limits. It’ll be interesting to see if it’ll lead to flop or win at the box office. He definitely doesn’t intend to keep the current status quo in place. And he’s definitely pushing Hindi cinema in a more Western direction, further and further away from its cultural and historic roots.”

lovingymnastics asked: MAN CRUSH LEGGO (Celeb, gymnast)

Celebrity man crush…. Uh… I don’t have any, but if I must, I guess I’ll go with Albus Dumbledore. :P

As for gymnast, not doubt about it: King Kohei.

lovingymnastics asked: FAV MOVIE, FAV SONG, FAV PERSON, favorite moment in your life, fav place to visit

Favorite movie: K3G

Favorite song: Right now “See Who I Am” by Within Temptation, but it changes every day. Yesterday it was “Suraj Hua Maddham”

Favorite person: Anyone who would willingly foot the bill for my tuition. :(

Favorite moment in my life: When I learned that I would visit Europe for three weeks after senior year of high school and when Dan and I became best friends.

Favorite place to visit: Paris

I knew you wouldn’t be surprised. XD

Lololol obviously :P

Fucking Biden dude. What a guy.


lovingymnastics asked: woman crush? (celeb, gymnast)

You know both already lol.

My celebrity crush is Kajol, and my gymnast crush is Aliya Mustafina. :P

you know where I’m going with the next one?

I had a hunch. :P

lovingymnastics asked: who would you like to kiss?

Hahahahaha one of my female friends who I would prefer to see a lot more than I currently do. :P

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