Overdraft protection is about as safe for your financial health as a suit of metal armor on a mountaintop during a thunderstorm for you


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Max Whitlock

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who even came up with the word motherfucker in the first place?


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If I was a famous author I would publish a book with ten different endings which all went to print with varying degrees of rarity, but not tell the fans about it so that I could watch their confusion as they disagree over how the story ended. Then when they figured it out I would ‘come clean’, telling them that I had released eleven alternate endings and watch them panic again as they all try to find the last ending.

are you satan

he believes in the religion of KOHEI UCHIMURA

^Also true

Anonymous asked: What religion are you?

When the census comes around, I’m Hindu.

Long Live The Queen.

People don’t look at your personality first. People judge you automatically by your looks and then try to get to know your personality. But the second they don’t like your looks, they don’t get to know you. That’s how reality is.
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